Arecon “Gewinnpotenzial”

The world of advertising and marketing often finds it difficult to show the real performance of a company from the corporate, finance and insurance world and even more of their products. Trying to remain general and intangible, prefers to hide behind pathetic statements, images of “happy” people, and statements of indefinable sustainability. Of course, there are alternative options, and a tremendous chance for a smaller supplier in this context to earn potential consumers’ confidence. Best to explain complex facts is to use completely simple symbolism: For Arecon the terms money and/or fortune are simply represented with a glass water. This way much can be pointed out that the logic of intelligent investment is easily understood. The astonishing simplicity of the idea demands the same consequence in the production of the films. The sovereignty is the talk of the town. And the concentration on the core of the story does not only reflect the competence of the customer, but also the involved crew of this film production. Have a look.
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Staying playful, curious and keep enjoying what we do.
Shareholder Meetings are a great opportunity to show the audience – shareholders, business partners, your management, and press – the vision and outlook into the near future of a company. Many of those developments go either into further digital involvement of a company, which is mainly an abstract topic and asks for visual explanations. Or the top management intends to introduce a future positioning of a company, which is at the point of introduction not tangible, yet. Visuals can support their message with emotions and create a deeper and far more sustainable impact.
Corporate and advertising above-the-line is mostly the carrier of emotions, supported by promotions below-the-line. The product is part of the punchline at the end of the commercial. When it comes to financial, medical, or pharmaceutical products the communication language becomes more abstract or allegorical, not only because of legal reasons. Strong in-house knowledge of all production processes enables us to develop clever creative thinking and narrative while maintaining control over any size project and production efforts at the same time.
It’s obvious that a 360° rotation of a product in a web store is more appealing than a simple product shot. The consumer loves to play with it and gets involved with the product itself. We are happy to provide these based on our digital data of your product. We can go even further to engage your customer more deeply with the USP’s and consumer benefits by creating animations from our team of 3D cgi graphic artists.
Both your sales team and customers desire not only captivating visual presentations, but also concise and easy-to-understand product tutorials. They seek guidance and support in navigating the intricacies of your product, and value clear and accessible information that helps them achieve their goals effectively. Many companies neglect this relatively cost-efficient opportunity for a deeper customer loyalty and the chance for further easy and client pleasing cross- and upselling.
Make your event a lifetime experience with your staff, employees and partners at all levels. Use movies as an emotional tool to emphasise your holistic vision of your company at and after the event. Or make the event itself a great opportunity for your customers to experience the benefits of your product.
It all comes down to function and understanding architectural requirements. Over a decade of 3D-visualisation experience can make a difference.