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The challenge presented to us was to transform the online presence of the Serbian Football Association into a user-friendly, intuitive, and mobile-responsive platform. We needed to ensure that the website and dedicated mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices provided Serbian football enthusiasts with a seamless digital experience. The primary task was to optimize the platform for mobile devices while making vast amounts of football-related data, including tables and statistics, easily accessible and comprehensible. Another challenge was aligning the entire online platform with the client’s vision of simplicity and user-friendliness.

As part of the project, we needed to address the migration from a local statistical database to a new one recommended by UEFA, all without disrupting the existing processes and competition schedules. This spanned from youth league club football to the Serbian Premier League, encompassing all the way up to matches of the men’s senior national team of Serbia.

One of the most significant challenges we faced was balancing user experience considerations. We had to ensure that the senior team remained in focus while simultaneously finding an optimal equilibrium that didn’t sideline the national leagues, women’s football, youth divisions, or the various organizations within the Football Association of Serbia, including referees, coaches, and regional bodies.

Additionally, we encountered the challenge of reconciling the demands of the marketing department, the internal operations within the FAS, and the overall security of the platform. The marketing team required the use of the WordPress platform to facilitate a smooth transition from the old website to the new one. Their familiarity with the platform was a compelling argument for keeping it in place. However, the decision to use open-source technology, especially WordPress, known for its popularity and frequent targeting by cyberattacks, added an extra layer of complexity to this project.


We established a precise timeline through careful planning, serving as the basis for the challenges that lay ahead. Our initial focus was on addressing the security aspects. By employing smart DevOps solutions, selecting Hetzner data center as the infrastructure for our web hosting platform, and implementing specific configurations within the WordPress platform, we achieved the highest level of security.

We designed a custom WordPress website with optimized mobile responsiveness. Additionally, we developed iOS and Android native mobile apps for real-time updates, scores, and news. To handle the challenge of displaying extensive football data on mobile devices, we improved data presentation, resulting in a sleeker interface.

Our solution prioritized intuitive navigation, ensuring fans could effortlessly access match information and statistics.


Our website and mobile app provided Serbian football enthusiasts with an intuitive digital experience, offering easy access to match info and statistics.

Our enhanced data presentation made extensive football-related data clear and user-friendly, simplifying access to standings, match schedules, and statistics.

The project gained a significant advantage with the development of native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, crafted using Kotlin and Swift. This introduction of new features garnered particularly positive feedback because, up to that point, the Serbian Football Association (FAS) had solely interacted with users and fans through their old website.

The official presentation of the new website occurred at the annual FAS Congress, where the revamped site, especially in terms of UI/UX design, was warmly embraced by the audience. Equally important, users who had been actively using various features didn’t encounter any operational issues with the transition.

Above all, the client, FSS, expressed more than satisfaction with the functionality of the new system. Since its launch in late 2018, the system has been in use for over 5 years. During this period, the website and mobile applications have maintained an impressive 99.994% availability, even during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


Testimonial: Vlada Radisic, CTO


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