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Our client’s vision was to foster mutual support by uniting athletes, fans, and companies interested in the soccer industry on a single platform. The goal was to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem that would benefit all stakeholders, including athletes, fans, and business entities. The challenge was immense, as we started from the ground up. We embarked on an ambitious journey involving product design, development, marketing, visual design, and tech stack creation. This project represented one of the most challenging endeavors we’ve undertaken, but we approached it step by step, rising to meet each hurdle.


Solution: To meet the client’s vision, we conducted extensive market research and analyzed similar web platforms. We collaborated to define a comprehensive set of features that would be essential for the project’s success. Subsequently, we delved into the intricate tasks of UI/UX design and software development, ensuring that the platform would deliver a seamless experience for all users.

One of the notable solutions was the integration of Blockchain into the customer engagement program. This integration wasn’t merely a standalone feature but was designed as a scalable solution to accommodate future needs and support the ongoing evolution and growth of the ecosystem. An exceptional aspect of the platform that our client found appealing was its uniqueness in comparison to other platforms. Users received rewards for their network activities and contributions to the network’s expansion.

A turnkey solution was crafted for the client, selecting a tech stack that aligned with the client’s requirements, with a fundamental assumption that it could scale according to the service’s growth.

Our team consisted of over 20 experts, including UI/UX designers, solution architects, product owners, product designers, project managers, frontend developers, backend developers, mobile developers, QA engineers, and data scientists.


A solution was created that did not exist on the market at that time, with all the requirements and functionalities that the client wanted.

We constructed a dedicated infrastructure on AWS, utilizing a microservices architecture. This infrastructure encompassed a custom blockchain, a social network, a B2B platform, and native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. The meticulous work of our QA team ensured that we delivered a bug-free platform that lived up to our exacting standards.

This case study reflects our ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver transformative solutions in the dynamic world of sports technology.

The project started in 2019 and is still ongoing, with continuous work and development of new functionalities and services within the Footballerista ecosystem. These are designed to enable what was the original vision of the business owner – EVERY ATHLETE FUTURE.

As a result of the collaboration with the client, new projects are created that we work on together and provide comprehensive IT support.


Testimonial: Juerg Wenger, Co-founder & CEO

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