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Photography: Fabian Scheffold / Look & Feel by GOODBYE LIMITS

case study Kispiball im Baur au Lac


Establishing the Kispiball is a success story. The next ball will be the 19th and as a now established institution in Zurich’s social life, the ball has enabled the Zurich Children’s Hospital (Kispi) donations totalling almost 9 million Swiss francs since its founding. The historic rooms of the legendary Hotel Baur au Lac offer the Kispiball a unique atmosphere and a festive home since the beginning of its existence.


It is often underestimated that a successful ball is a real undertaking and in fact the development of a new brand. To ensure the success of a ball, not only visitors but also sponsors and donors must be addressed. Raffle and auction prizes, orchestra, menu, decoration, lighting, press, and ball gifts need to be addressed and presented uniformly. The conceptually branded identity – the actual Kispiball – is accompanied by all of the evening’s activities with images and texts as well as all printing materials in order to give the event the necessary size and importance.


We also ensured the continuity of this corporate presence by converting the traditional print materials to a digital and future-oriented platform. We have made the complexity of the extensive raffle and detail-sensitive silent auction user-friendly and accessible online for all visitors and donors. At the same time, we have integrated a donation system including all payment methods.

kispi ball
Puns should be viewed more critically in the field of communication, where trust and authenticity are most important. We are happy to confirm the rule with the playful appearance of the “Kispiball” as an exception.
The annually changing colour accents of the print materials – invitations, ball tickets, programs, tombola brochures, menu, and tickets – also characterize the evening’s festive atmosphere of the “Kispiball”. Only the consistent implementation of an overall appearance enables the differentiation potential of a “brand” in the long term.
New forms of visualization expand the perception of the consistent “Kispiball” corporate design when switching from print to digital.


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