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Our client, Pertini Toys, the largest toy retailer in Serbia, wanted to grow its business in two steps. The company wanted to establish a physical presence in prominent shopping malls and, at the same time, launch an e-commerce platform capable of emulating the success of the physical stores. The main goal of the online store was to relieve the physical stores, especially during the holiday season.

The second part of the project is the changeover to the new ERP, the migration of the tables and the synchronization of the processes.


At the outset, we advised the client on an improved approach. We emphasized the need to create an execution plan to swiftly and efficiently transition from their old ERP system to the new one, minimizing any downtime. We also proposed that the integration of our custom e-commerce solution should be part of the entire project rather than its central focus, eliminating redundancy. This strategic shift not only saved the client time and money but also significantly reduced the margin for error.

Our core challenge centered around the integration of online operations with the existing ERP system, which served as the central database for all offline stores. However, this ERP system was burdened by outdated technology and compatibility issues. Tackling this monumental task, we seamlessly integrated the new e-commerce platform with an upgraded ERP solution, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, we are actively involved in optimizing the website to enhance its SEO performance.

The chosen tech stack for this case consisted of a PHP custom e-commerce CMS + MySQL. This selection was influenced by various services within the company’s ecosystem, making it easily adaptable for SEO optimization, low-maintenance by our company, and user-friendly for Pertini Toys’ employees.


We successfully bolstered online traffic to the Pertini Toys website, establishing a formidable online presence. Notably, the online store efficiently relieved the pressure on physical stores, particularly during the bustling holiday season, as more customers transitioned to online shopping.

We also implemented vouchers, allowing companies to offer gift vouchers to their employees. This not only catered to Pertinis corporate customers, but also added more value to their experience.

Our collaboration commenced in Q3 of 2015 and continues to this day. We have upcoming plans for 2024, which involve developing an entirely new frontend and providing extensive assistance to their internal team with SEO and digital marketing initiatives.


Testimonial: Branko Djogo, CTO


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