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The client embarked on a mission to empower individuals facing the challenges of dementia through innovative mobile assistive technology. Their vision was to adapt mobile devices to simplify phone usage and communication for this specific user group. The primary challenge lay in designing a mobile application that was far from typical, as it needed to be exceptionally user-friendly. All essential functions had to be accessible with a single click.


Our journey initially involved the development of an Android application tailored for individuals with dementia. However, due to the MVP’s excellent reception in the USA market, the development continued. From the initial Android application designed as an aid for dementia patients, it evolved into a platform serving various individuals with special needs (dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, blind and visually impaired individuals, as well as regular seniors requiring a certain level of control and care from family or professional caregivers).

We also created a portal for caregivers, streamlining their roles in supporting not only dementia patients but also all the aforementioned groups of seniors. As the project evolved, we further expanded our scope to create a mobile application for caregivers, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This caregiver application streamlined the management of memory phones for caregivers, simplifying the process and enhancing their ability to provide care. Also, collaboration has been established with Motorola and Google, and a series of integrations of 3rd-party systems and services have been done, significantly contributing to the widespread acceptance of this product. Currently, it is being used by over 30,000 seniors across the USA.

Over time, the memory phone itself underwent significant improvements and upgrades. It introduced new features, such as video calls, a variety of settings to cater to individual needs, and an additional mode tailored for users with low vision and tremors.


The innovative solutions we provided not only made mobile communication more accessible for targeted users but also simplified the responsibilities of caregivers. The company and its product gained recognition from the U.S. government, leading to further development funded partly through subsidies, market demand, and professional endorsements. The product received positive coverage in the New York Times. The collaboration, which began in 2019, is becoming increasingly intense. The product is continuously enhanced, new features are developed, with the aim of becoming an undisputed leader in the USA and Canada markets. The long-term goal includes expanding to the EU, UK, and Switzerland markets.



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Goodbye Limits delivered solutions on time and on budget to the satisfaction of stakeholders. An experienced team, they provided valuable insights to streamline the development process and augment its results. The team’s communicative and flexible, leading to an ongoing partnership.
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Nermin Selmic, CO-Founder & COO

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