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The client introduced us to an innovative vision: transforming the landscape of event ticketing across various domains, from concerts and sports to festivals, museums, and conferences. Unlike traditional ticketing giants like Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, the concept centered around unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) tickets and featured an internal marketplace for users to trade these NFTs. In addition to this groundbreaking concept, the project required the incorporation of essential functionalities associated with event ticketing. Our task was to thoroughly research the market and enhance the concept by introducing value-added functionalities that would facilitate market capture.

Another intricate challenge involved determining how to implement robust business logic that granted event organizers full control over their events. This included overseeing payouts and admittance while simultaneously safeguarding the system against scalpers and fraudsters.

An additional challenge was the business owner’s desire to provide users with a web2 experience while incorporating web3 technology, along with the direct implementation of credit card payments for NFT tickets.


The initial version of the service was created on the Ethereum mainnet, with infrastructure on Digital Ocean. Numerous integrations were done with ambitious companies and interesting services on the Ethereum blockchain at that time. However, as the development and essential services for the ticketing platform progressed very slowly for various reasons, the business decided to migrate from the ETH mainnet to Avalanche, and the infrastructure moved to AWS.

Our solution progressively improved, especially due to the speed of minting NFT tickets we gained on the Avalanche network. At this point, the service has been in production for about 15 months, with a stable and scalable infrastructure on AWS and the Avalanche chain. We delivered a ticketing platform, including a user mobile application and a complete ticket scanning system at the entrance. Simultaneously, for event organizers with their scanning system, we resolved a bridge, giving us the ability to serve any event.

Development continues; from 2021 to the present, we have established a clearly defined functional system that is constantly being upgraded and improved.


Our journey from product design, UI/UX design, to software development and quality assurance significantly contributed to achieving the project’s goals and fulfilling all customer requirements. We successfully deployed a ticketing platform that utilized ERC721a NFT assets. We met each milestone within the established timeframes and launched the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in July 2022 (after 8 months of development). Our commitment to innovation continues as we actively develop new features and functionality, consistently enhancing and expanding the existing platform.

Our work has been recognized in professional forums, and in December 2022, we, together with the EXIT festival, received the Best Innovation Award from the UK Festival Awards. Our client is extremely satisfied with our collaboration, and at this moment, we already have a well-defined development plan until September 2024. It is highly ambitious and gives us the confidence that we will achieve significant business results by the end of next year.



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