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challenge, one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading news websites, set out on a goal to build a complete news platform. This encompassed the development of a website and native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. The core challenge was to effectively organize news content, ensuring that every user could navigate the platform effortlessly. aimed to provide a seamless user experience, making it easy for readers to find the information they sought.

One of the major challenges involved migrating the database from the old WordPress platform. Additionally, a crucial client requirement was the swift delivery of information, facilitated by an efficient caching system. Finally, a significant aspect of the project was transitioning from Apache and Nginx web servers and seamlessly integrating the newly constructed platform with the hosting environment organized in-house by the client.


We efficiently organized news content through the implementation of a user-friendly and intuitive categorization system. This innovative approach enabled readers to find news articles based on topics, regions, and relevance, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.

Additionally, we developed a comprehensive platform comprising a robust news portal and native iOS and Android applications. These applications offered users access to a diverse range of news categories and articles, ensuring they stayed well-informed about the latest developments.

The infrastructure is organized in such a way that a large number of users can be served at optimum speed thanks to an intelligent caching system.


The result of our collaborative efforts was a transformative news delivery platform for, enhancing the overall user experience. Our innovative approach to organizing news content made it easy for readers to find information by topic, region, and relevance.

The development of a comprehensive platform, including the news portal and native mobile applications, empowered users to access a wide array of news categories and articles. This approach ensured that readers stayed well-informed about the latest developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The platform was delivered and launched in 2018 and has been functioning smoothly up to the present day.


Testimonial: Adi Hodzic, Chief Digital Operations


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