case study Hernienzetrum Shweiz


The challenge of creating a new website for the Swiss Hernia Center on a limited budget while meeting high expectations across multiple disciplines.

Aside from website development such as composition, structure, and textual content, the work also includes various production and visualization techniques such as film, photography, 3D visualization, and, of course, the entire programming.


Thanks to our comprehensive know-how and direct internal access to a large variety of apps, implementation tools and production skills, we were able to make this project happen within this tight framework.

At the same time, we did during the programming phase some preparation work in order to use our digital expertise to give more target-oriented impact use of the monthly expenses for Google AdWords campaigns.

Our utilization of SEO techniques resulted in significant success in boosting organic traffic and improving the website’s online visibility. This strategy involved various tactics aimed at improving the website’s search engine ranking and increasing its overall online presence.


Based on our digital expertise, we were able to improve non-chargeable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the point where we were able to increase the number of non-paying visitors and possible conversions from zero to over 3,000 per month in a matter of months. Our digital strategies enable us to reduce, if not completely eliminate, monthly Google AdWords expenses.

For communication and marketing purposes in the medical field, it is mostly difficult to use real images. On the one hand for reasons of precision and on the other hand out of aesthetic reasons. However, with the help of 3D visualizations (CGI), this can not only be avoided, but also provides the viewer with the opportunity to see hidden elements more clearly or for better understanding in a cross section.
Furthermore, this creates another opportunity to establish a unique look and feel with the created image materials, which can help a company differentiate itself from its competitors.

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