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There is no other industry where the expression „The product is the hero“ is more aptly represented than in the watchmaking industry. The level of care and attention to detail in the creation of a product image is correspondingly high. Likewise, the selection process to become a certified partner is rigorous and time-consuming.


The watch industry is a traditional business, so new technical possibilities are tested very carefully. And needs convincing of one‘s own abilities, of course always in relation to a cost-benefit factor. In this field, 3D photography (CGI) has a number of advantages over traditional photography. For example, because of the virtual camera, the photographer is not reflected in the smooth, chromed, or polished elements of the product. Close-ups allow elements to be displayed in greater detail and precision, which is in line with the philosophy of a leading watch brand.


Over the years we have been able to convince various watch brands of our work. Today, 3D visualization has become indispensable in this industry. The possibilities for color and material changes are diverse. We are also extremely agile when it comes to connecting with today’s media of communication.

omega app

For the Omega Speedmaster launch, we created an app that allows watch enthusiasts to playfully test all of the timepiece‘s functions on a tablet in real time. There is probably no better advertising medium through which a customer or potential client can become more emotionally invested in a product.

omega product shots

The attention drawn by the smallest detail, metals, fabrics, illuminated displays or any other materials.

iwc beauty shots

Images for campaigns and mega posters remain true to detail.

iwc product shots

Images for campaigns and mega posters remain true to detail.


Furthermore, CGI allows for extreme zooming into the smallest detail of a watch, as well as the clockwork itself. It is even possible to return to a setting or studio lighting years later or photograph similar products in the exact same light.


For this test film, Goodbye Limits built the watch from scratch without having the real watch handy for reference. As a result, some details may have had to be interpreted more loosely than usual. Certain elements on the watch face, for example, could be screen-printed rather than three-dimensional. However, in order to give the watch a valuable appearance, we focused more on exciting perspectives and atmospheric lighting in a super photo-realistic manner.

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Emotional intro to shareholder and sales meetings.

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